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Steve grew up in South Jersey and played his youth hockey as a mite with the Cherry Hill Warriors then from squirt through midget years with the Gladiator Hockey Club (Voorhees Coliseum). He then continued playing at college club level. He had been a head coach for several seasons with the Gladiator/Skate Zone Limited Travel program before becoming an assistant coach for the Flyers Youth.

My coaching philosophy is that it is critical to build a positive and FUN team environment where there will be a focus on continued improvement of players’ basic hockey skills of passing, skating, and shooting. Part of a positive team atmosphere is to encourage players to give their best effort to improve and that players know that as long as they are giving their best effort, they should not be afraid to make mistakes. Hockey players and teams grow and improve by learning from their mistakes. Coaches must strive to always be encouraging of the kids to do better and to simply try their best.  Interaction with young players must have a result of the player recognizing how to improve and that our instruction is seen as constructive and not criticism.  It is important to recognize that each player has different strengths, different areas of opportunity for improvement, and of course, different personalities. These differences must be taken into account so that instruction can be tailored to the individual player so that each player has an opportunity and desire to improve.  A positive team atmosphere is not built just by the coaches. The players themselves are a critical part of a making a positive team environment. I want players who are good teammates: give their best effort while having a positive attitude and being supportive of their teammates.  When a player is trying hard but makes a mistake during a game, nobody feels worse about it than that player and it is important for coaches and teammates to be supportive and encouraging, not critical. I work to design FUN and fast paced practices where my players want to come to the rink for practices as much as they want to come to the rink for games.  Although hard work has to be part of an effective practice, I believe that a combination of hard work and FUN make for the best practices.
My objective is that our players show continuous improvement both as individual hockey players and as a team and that each player (and parents/guardians) look back on the season as a positive and FUN experience where they matured as a hockey player on the ice and as an individual off the ice.  My goal is that each player wants to continue playing hockey and are prepared for whatever their next level of hockey may be.  As long as our players are demonstrating that they are giving their best effort, displaying good sportsmanship, showing respect for their teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees, we will be a Successful team.

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